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Liu Yue

Liu Yue is one of the most influential jazz guitarists and bassists in China. A graduate of the China Central Conservatory of Music, he is a member of Chinese rock legend Cui Jian band and Zhang Ying Jazz Group. Liu Yue is a National second Class Actor of China Broadcast Art Troupe and a member of Chinese musicians Association. He is also a member of the editorial committee of Midi National Music examination and a D'Addario signing artist.

Publications: "Jazz Guitar Teaching" VCD, "Jazz Guitar Improvisation" textbook, Jazz guitar album "China Girl" and “Bamboo‘s Murmurs”


Mikael "Nord" Andersson

Producer, arranger, guitar player and song writer -  Scorpions, The Rasmus, Roxette and many more.


Staffan Ernestam

Guitarist, Sven-Ingvars orkester

Jonas Göransson

Guitarist The Refreshments


David Henriksson



Pelle Holmberg

Pelle is the leader of the instrumental fusion band PHG and have also played with many Swedish artists.


Aske Jacoby

Aske Jacoby is a Danish guitarist/singer/songwriter with an unique position in Scandinavian contemporary music.


Christoffer Johansson

Christoffer Johansson from Sweden is an outstanding solo blues performer.


Lasse Jonsson

Daniel Kordelius

Guitarist/singer in The Domestic Bumblebees


Lars "Lim" Moberg

Guitarist, composer and producer

Have been working with "Galenskaparna och After Shave" since the 80s.



Susanna Risberg

Susanna is one of the new, exciting and young guitarists from Sweden.


Andreas Rydman

Andreas has toured all over the world playing in over 150 cities in over 40 countries.


Max Schultz

Max Schultz, is a Swedish jazz guitarist who plays and composes music in both the jazz, blues and popgenren.


Anders Svensson

Guitar teacher

Mikael Strömqvist

Guitarist, Donnez


Erik Weissglas

Georg "Jojje" Wadenius

Lead guitarist of the US supergroup Blood Sweat & Tears from 1972-1975. In 1979 he joined The Saturday Night Live Band on television.


Esbjörn Öhrwall


Robert Nuñes Östlund

Guitarist, song writer, producer, Bo Kaspers  Orkester


Hans Johansson

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dRTD7lQNP4wdgjBG2y9sB?si=vhA7Ab8dQTC8a0Zm5SAIWA

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