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Custom Reverb 36 is an 36 watt version of Custom Reverb 18. It's a very dynamic amp and will amaze you with it's definition and extended headroom. With 36 Watt into 2x12" Celestion Creamback speakers, you got enough power for most situations. When needed you can switch the amp to 18 Watt low power mode.


Custom Reverb 36 is a dual channel amp designed to be loved by both single coil and humbucker players. The two channels have different voicing and can either be selected by the footswitch, or by using the channel selector at the front panel. Due to the well balanced tone, you don't need anything but a tone control to tune in the sound you like. A Deep Cut control has been added to the amp to control the bottom end response.


Custom Reverb 36 has the optimal balance between front end drive and power stage distortion, to give you the tightest bottom end and sweetest high end response.


Add some reverb to your sound and enjoy the great 3D tones produced by the amp.


 The front panel features Channel switch, Volume 1, Tone 1, Volume 2, Tone 2 and Reverb, Deep Cut. The back panel features 4 and 8 ohm speaker impedance selector, two speaker jacks and one footswitch jack.


  • Two channels controlled by footswitch, one input
  • 36/18W power into 4, 8 ohms load
  • Tubes - 3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 4xEL84, 1xGZ34
  • Spring reverb
  • Controls: Channel switch, Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone 1, Tone 2, Reverb, Deep Cut
  • 2xCelestion Creamback 65 speaker
  • Avaliable in 120 and 230/240V versions
  • Transformers from Heyboer USA
  • Size (mm) - 230(l)x710(b)x540(h)
  • Weight - 27kg
  • Solid pine, finger joined cabinette.
  • Handmade in Sweden




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