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TIn close cooperation with Mr. Georg Wadenius we had the pleasure to develop his signature model. Georg is a fabulous guitarist with long experience from different types of playing situations. With this model we have made an amp that will inspire you and make it extra fun to play. The amp is based on Custom Reverb 36 with extended functionality. It has two channels, one normal and one brighter with special voicing as George likings. With the channel switch you can select between the two channels or you can mix them together for even more sound characteristics. The mix function will also give you a bit more gain compared to Custom Reverb 36. A master volume is also present at the front panel. This will give you the opportunity to crank the amp a bit, at lower volumes. The 18/36 watt switch is located at the front panel and makes it easy to reduce the output power. The amp is hand built, in Sweden, with point-to-point technique and has an extremely well balanced sound. It’s also a very dynamic and detailed amp which responds directly when playing. The built in spring reverb mixes nicely with the original sound and becomes a natural part of the total sound experience. The amp is also a perfect partner for all type of effect pedals.



The included foot pedal is used to switch between the channels and to turn the reverb on and off. The pedal has a removable cable so you can mount it on your pedal board.


Custom Reverb 36WE is a very versatile amp with an amazing sound, playability and quality.

  • Two channels controlled by footswitch, one input
  • 36/18W power into 4, 8 ohms load
  • Tubes - 3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 4xEL84, 1xGZ34
  • Spring reverb
  • Controls: Channel switch, Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone 1, Tone 2, Reverb, Deep Cut, Master
  • 1xCelestion Creamback 65 speaker
  • Avaliable in 120 and 230/240V versions
  • Transformers from Heyboer USA
  • Size (mm) - 230(l)x610(b)x540(h)
  • Weight - 22kg
  • Solid pine, finger joined cabinette.
  • Handmade in Sweden




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