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What kind of power tubes? Do I have to rebias the amp?

Blues Fifteen and Club Fifteen - we recommend 6V6GT tubes from Electro Harmonix. Custom Reverb series - we recommend TAD EL84-Cz or EL84 from JJ. Club Forty - we recommend 6L6GC-STR from TAD. Stage 40 Nord - we recommend EL34 from Electro Harmonix. Club Fifteen, Club forty and Stage 40 Nord - biasing these amps should always be done when changing power tubes. Blues Fifteen and Custom Reverb are cathode bias so no bias adjustment is needed. Always let a certified service engineer bias the amp.

Can I buy products directly from you?

No, we don't sell direct to end users, but you are more then welcome to contact us if you have any specific questions about our amps. Please take a look here for a list of authorized dealers.




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