H A N D   B U I L T   B O U T I Q U E   A M P S


The GREEN LIGHT generates everything from almost clean boost tones to amazing medium crunchy overdrive tones. With the pedal you add some boost and distortion while keeping the punch and dynamics of the amp.

The bass switch is pre distortion and helps you get rid of some low end when using higher drive settings.

The tone control is post distortion. When using high drive settings just roll off the tone control a bit to get rid of fizz and noise. At lower drive settings you can still have the high frequencies left buy just increase the tone control.

You can also add some brightness to the sound by using the bright switch. This is a pre distortion circuit.



DRIVE: The amount of overdrive


LEVEL: The output level from the pedal


TONE: Adjusts the tone.


SWITCH TIGHT/FAT: In FAT mode you will have more low end.


SWITCH NORMAL/BRIGHT: Toggles between normal mode and bright mode.


All hand built in Sweden



Input impedance: 1MΩ

Output impedance: 2kΩ

Power supply: 9 V

Max current: 10mA

Battery type: 9V 6F22

Controls: Drive, Level, Tone, Tight/Fat switch and Normal/Bright switch.

External connectors: Input jack, Output jack and DC jack

Pedal size incl. knobs: (W x H x D) 69mm x 46mm x 112mm / 2.72” x 1.81” x 4.41”

Weight excl. battery and packaging: 225g / 7.93 lbs

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